Let’s keep building a safer world.

Welcome to the Barracuda Secured.21 Customer Conference resource center, the place to find all on-demand content from our customer conference. We hope you’ll find this resource useful to help keep your business safe.

Mainstage sessions

Barracuda CEO Hatem Naguib explains how Barracuda is well-positioned to help you meet the demands of increasingly dynamic threats brought on by digital transformation.

You’ll also hear from Barracuda’s brightest minds about the constantly evolving security threats, and how to best deploy innovative cloud security solutions.


Email Protection

Learn about the latest email-borne threats, and how Barracuda is investing in AI integrations and the latest threat intelligence to protect your business.

Also, see demos of Barracuda Sentinel, and Barracuda Forensics + Incident Response.


Network Security

Networks are undergoing fundamental changes. Due to the digital transformation and move to the cloud, the new network will be cloud-native, highly secure, and cost-efficient.

Learn about our latest innovations in network security, including SD-WAN, Zero Trust Access, industrial security, and much more.


App + Cloud Security

It’s no surprise that web applications have been particularly vulnerable to business compromise over the last few years.

Learn about the latest application threats, see demos of Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service, and discover how application security can easily integrate into your existing workflows.


Data Protection

Data is one of the most valuable assets to any organization and protecting it has never been more important.

Learn about the future of Barracuda Data Protection products, and see demonstrations of how to integrate them into your security plans.


Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, presenting a major threat to businesses, governments and individuals everywhere. Criminals are targeting larger companies and critical infrastructure.

Learn more about these new ransomware attacks, and how to keep your business protected.



Learn how organizations mitigate their cyber risk by turning to Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to improve their cyber-security posture.

We explore the evolution of MDR, EDR, and SIEM into a XDR platform that provides enhanced visibility and support to best protect your company.


Support sessions

Barracuda support is here to help you resolve any issues and get the most out of your Barracuda solution.

In these sessions, you’ll learn the best practices when engaging with our support team and how to resolve any issue quickly and easily.