Global Manufacturer Takes Ransomware in Stride

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  • Hayward Tyler Group PLC
  • UK-based global manufacturing firm
  • Supplies custom-engineered heavy pumps and other machinery for the global energy industry
  • Approx. 500 employees
  • Virtualized infrastructure (VMware)


  • Suffered Cryptolocker ransomware attack
  • Business-critical data encrypted
  • Risk of significant cost, lost business, and damaged corporate reputation


  • 2 x Barracuda Backup 990 and 1 x Barracuda Backup 890, replicating to Barracuda Cloud
  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway 410


  • Encrypted files identified and deleted
  • Affected files restored from backup
  • No ransom paid
  • Up and running again in one hour

Being Prepared Means Cyber Crooks Get Nothing

On the day in 2015 when A.J. Murray, the United States IT Manager for Hayward Tyler Group PLC, realized that cyber thieves had hijacked a large amount of important data using a variant of the Cryptolocker ransomware, he understood immediately that the potential downside was enormous. The data seized and encrypted was critical to ongoing day-to-day business.

Founded more than 200 years ago in the United Kingdom, Hayward Tyler today has facilities and personnel around the globe. Its expert engineering services, along with its advanced manufacturing facilities and processes, have made it a leader in the design, production, and servicing of fluid-filled electric motors and pumps for high-pressure, high-temperature applications and environments across the global energy sector.

With its specialized products and markets, Hayward Tyler depends on a steady flow of new orders, scheduled and planned out well in advance. Each contract is unique and is negotiated in detail.

A Potential Disaster

When Murray discovered that ransomware had been detected in the network, it was too late to block it completely. A significant volume of data—including contracts still in play, confidential customer data, trade secrets such as engineering documents and communications, and more—had already been encrypted, and the criminals behind the hit were demanding a hefty ransom for the decryption key. Without access to this data, Hayward Tyler’s business would suffer a terrible blow.

A seasoned security professional, Murray joined Hayward Tyler’s IT organization—with its all-virtualized VMware infrastructure—in 2013. As co-leader of the Champlain Valley VMware Users Group (VMUG), Murray was very familiar with the challenges involved in securing virtualized and hybrid environments— and with the strengths and weaknesses of many of the solutions offered to help address them. Based on his knowledge and experience, he was pleased to learn that Hayward Tyler used Barracuda Backup to ensure swift recovery from any kind of catastrophic data loss. Murray says, “I had used Barracuda products before, and I was always impressed with how simple and effective they were. Plus, their customer support is incredibly responsive and helpful.”

Disaster Averted

On the day of the Cryptolocker attack, Murray’s confidence in Barracuda Backup turned out to be wellfounded. Within just one hour of discovering the ransomware, Murray and his team were able to identify all the encrypted files, delete them, and restore previous uninfected versions of the files from the most recent backup created by Barracuda Backup.

“It really was just that fast and easy,” says Murray. “Without Barracuda Backup, we would have faced a real crisis—it would have profoundly affected the whole company over a long period. But instead, we resolved the problem so quickly that if I’d been out to lunch I might have missed the whole thing. Thanks to Barracuda Backup, the criminals didn’t get a penny, and Hayward Tyler got right back to work.”

Compared to legacy backup solutions, Murray considers Barracuda Backup a major step forward. “I remember back when I was using tape backup systems. So much work, and so much that can go wrong. Barracuda Backup has made backup effortless, and totally reliable.”

"Thanks to Barracuda Backup, the criminals didn’t get a penny, and Hayward Tyler got right back to work."
- A.J. Murray, United States IT Manager, Hayward Tyler

Barracuda Backup = Peace of Mind

The company’s three Barracuda Backup appliances are themselves backed up with Barracuda Cloud subscriptions, replicating local backups to Barracuda’s enterprise-grade datacenters for disaster recovery. “The Barracuda Cloud subscriptions give us extra peace of mind. Even if our on-site backups are somehow compromised or destroyed, our data will be completely secure and easy to restore,” says Murray.

Murray’s appreciation for Barracuda products goes beyond Backup. He and his team also use Barracuda Web Security Gateway to secure web traffic and monitor web usage by Hayward Tyler’s users. “We had a SonicWall UTM product that we felt wasn’t performing as we had hoped. Since replacing it with the Barracuda Web Security Gateway, we’ve seen a marked improvement. It’s very powerful, but it’s also very easy to configure and manage.”


Hayward Tyler Group PLC has built its reputation over 200 years by delivering products and solutions that fulfill critical functions reliably and effectively in demanding, dynamic environments. Allowing that reputation to be put at risk by a ransomware attack is simply unacceptable. To protect the company’s reputation, data, business, and personnel, A.J. Murray relies on Barracuda Backup and Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

For information about Barracuda’s backup and security solutions, please visit or call Barracuda for a free 30-day evaluation at 1-408-342-5400 or 1-888-268-4772 (US & Canada).

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