Barracuda Secure Connector

Ensure secure, uninterrupted operation of your remote IoT devices.

Organizations are keeping a close eye on security.

Securing IT infrastructure and assets is top of mind, and nearly a third of IT decision-makers are concerned about the security risk of IoT.1

Companies are adopting internet of things (IoT) technology.

Organizations use IoT to maintain quality, secure technology, and optimize resources. IoT adoption is leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

High cost of scaling is a major IoT challenge.

Businesses that struggle with scaling costs have trouble planning a long-term IoT strategy.

Edge computing is essential to advanced IoT strategies.

Edge computing enables artificial intelligence, cloud analytics, and business logic to be moved to edge devices.

“Deployment of the Barracuda Secure Connector appliances with zero-touch deployment was straightforward and fast.”

Tom Stevens

Sr. Security & Automation
Engineer, Van Dam Groep

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Securing the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Managing and securing the ever-growing number of internet-connected remote devices is creating new challenges for organizations. Today, ATMs, vending machines, HVAC equipment, installations for water treatment, traffic control, diagnostic devices in hospitals, and many other devices are connected to the internet. Each and every one of them is exposed to increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats and needs to be protected.

Barracuda offers solutions for advanced network security, encrypted communications, and cost-effective connectivity.

Securing the industrial internet of things
Purpose-built hardware for industrial environments

Purpose-built hardware for industrial environments.

Secure Connector is purpose-built, using Barracuda’s proprietary Traffic Independent Network Architecture (TINA) VPN protocol. The ultra-compact appliance connects remote devices and micro-networks to the corporate data center while boosting reliability and slashing management overhead. Leveraging multiple bonded uplinks, with automatic failover, ensures uninterrupted operation of remote IoT devices. There are a variety of models available — from Wi-Fi-only models up to models with integrated 4G/LTE modems, as well as ruggedized models.

Next-generation security and connectivity enforcement.

The small and cost-effective Secure Connector appliances establish an encrypted connection to CloudGen WAN, providing full next-generation security and effectively serving as a connectivity hub for all connections between the IoT devices and the internet. The CloudGen WAN management portal allows centralized policy setting and management. Depending on your organization's requirements, you can also choose to do security enforcement on CloudGen Firewall and manage your deployment with Firewall Control Center.

Next-generation security and connectivity enforcement
Edge computing support

Edge computing support.

The aim of edge computing is to move processing to the edge of the network to achieve better response times and transfer rates. All Secure Connector models provide centrally manageable edge computing support via a built-in container image (LXC, Docker). This allows you to create custom control and surveillance logic for devices protected by the Secure Connector appliance. Integration of Azure IoT Edge also enables a separation of network infrastructure administration and IoT data analytics.

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