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Enhanced security across the Microsoft cloud.

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Cloud first security for a connected world.

As a gold Microsoft Technology Partner in cloud and application development, Barracuda builds security that is easy to deploy and use, integrates tightly into the Azure fabric, and enhances native Azure security and services.

Security made easy.

Barracuda Azure solutions simplify cloud security — so you can focus on optimizing cloud benefits.

The flexibility you need.

Security that scales, that integrates with native services, that automatically updates itself, that continuously checks for vulnerabilities — some of the many reasons customers choose Barracuda.

A partner you can trust.

Barracuda’s been building Azure security solutions since the beginning, our customer service wins top awards every year, and our customers stay with us. We’re with you throughout your cloud journey.

Azure Technology Partner

As the first security vendor in the Azure Marketplace, Barracuda is tightly integrated with Azure Services. We are a Gold Cloud Platform partner and a Gold Application Development Partner, both top designations in the Microsoft partner ecosystem. We also have 12 current Microsoft Preferred solutions in the Azure Marketplace. An independent group of Microsoft sales and technology personnel reviews all Marketplace solutions; only a small number of these applications meet Microsoft’s requirements for the “Preferred” badge.

Azure Technology Partner

If the cloud is a network, you should use it like one.

The Microsoft Global Network is exactly that: a worldwide network of nodes that can act as your own virtual network without expensive and inflexible MPLS lines. Barrracuda CloudGen WAN makes it simple: just point-and-click to build your virtual network across this powerful backbone with the built-in security that Barracuda is known to provide at the point of connection. This is SASE — security at the service edge — realized.

Adopt zero trust the easy way

Adopt zero trust the easy way — and get security that lives at the edge.

Zero trust is a great concept — only users that can be authenticated by user, device, and context can access network services — but it’s hard to implement. Barracuda CloudGen Access makes it easy: a cloud-based service pushes rules down automatically to every remote client and users only access what they’re allowed to use. It’s simple, permissioned, controlled, works from anywhere, and across all services, whether they’re in the Azure cloud, the Microsoft cloud, another cloud, or your own network.

Devote precious resources to your business and leave security to us.

Organizations agree that security is tough and nuanced, and security experts are hard to find. Barracuda is singularly focused on security, and our goal of “set it and forget it” allows our customers to devote their resources on solving business challenges rather than chasing security issues. Nowhere is this more evident than with our WAF-as-a-Service, which deploys from the Azure Marketplace in just five clicks.

Turn data protection from a business liability into a business outcome

Turn data protection from a business liability into a business outcome.

Like most organizations, you depend on business data created in Microsoft 365 programs. Many organizations, however, don’t understand that Microsoft puts the burden of protecting this data back on them. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, offered as a SaaS service on its own or integrated into our market-leading Barracuda Email Protection, is the simple point-and-click answer to data protection and restoration. With Barracuda’s comprehensive protection for Microsoft 365, specters like ransomware vanish and the burden of security on development and IT organizations is lifted.

Start with Microsoft and build with Barracuda.

Azure provides unparalleled security; solutions like Defender and Microsoft Sentinel can be ideal baselines to build a truly hardened defense-in-depth security. Barracuda’s solutions extend that security to provide the flexibility, scalability, and ease of use that we’ve found many customers need beyond that Azure baseline.

Start with Microsoft and build with Barracuda

Secure your Azure infrastructure with Barracuda.

Explore or start a free trial for any Barracuda Azure product.

Barracuda CloudGen WAN for Azure

First global secure SD-WAN service natively built on Azure

Leverage the power of the Microsoft Global Network as your enterprise WAN backbone. Build a network that scales like a native cloud service. CloudGen WAN makes it easy to deploy and manage while securing your cloud hosted resources.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for Azure

Keep your cloud secured and connected

Get seamless protection for your cloud-hosted networks combined with always-on access to workloads and applications on Azure. Get next-generation security, comprehensive SD-WAN capabilities and Azure vWAN integration in one single, unique solution.

Barracuda CloudGen WAF for Azure

Secure your web-facing apps

80 percent of attacks don’t target Azure itself. Instead, criminals target misconfigurations, user errors, and gaps in security that aren’t covered by cloud infrastructures.

Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service for Azure

Web application security, simplified

Web application firewall functionality, delivered as a service, addresses security issues not covered in basic cloud infrastructures and is deployed with just a few clicks.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Secure your Azure Infrastructure

Secure your control, data, and management planes to eliminate misconfigurations, user errors, and latent or internal threats. Plus, manage additional security like the Azure Firewall-as-a-Service.

Barracuda CloudGen Access

Secure access for remote workers

Simple-to-deploy SaaS zero trust from Barracuda ensures conditional secure access for remote workers and contractors without the headaches of VPN

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Simplified backup for Microsoft 365

Get simple, SaaS-based cloud native backup for key business data in Microsoft 365, with unlimited storage in Azure.

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